Want To Invest In Real Estate With Little To No Money?


I’ve bought over $30 million in real estate without using my own money.

And I'm ready to teach you too.



Here is the Ultimate Master Class to Investing in Real Estate Today with No Money!


The BROKE Method is the 5 pillars necessary to do any deal completely with other people’s money.  At 22, I bought my first property with $10,000 - all the money I had at the time. 

As soon as I closed on my first property, I wanted to buy more real estate.  The numbers just made so much sense that buy and hold real estate is going to pay off I immediately started on saving for my next property. A month in to rebuilding my piggy bank, I knew it would be years for me to save up another $10,000 to go home buying again. With my impatience driving my creativity, I researched and found ways to purchase my second, third, and fourth property with no money.

With my limiting factor of well, being BROKE, I had to learn what it took to continue real estate investing when my funds couldn't keep up with my newfound real estate addiction!

Over the next twenty years I've perfected The BROKE Method, and have now bought over $30 million of real estate using these strategies.  I'm sharing these ways with you because I want you change your life like I changed my life.  I was living in the Spanish Harlem projects when I bought my first property.  If I can do it, I know you can too.

The steps inside this blueprint is to going to walk you through and give you all the tools of being able to acquire new investments even when you have no money. I'll also teach you options if you actually have some money, or find yourself with a lot of cash-rich assets you don't want to sell off to invest in real estate like your primary home, 401k investment, IRA retirement funds, stock or crypto portfolios and more. 

But first, I want you to understand that when you are not bringing funds to the table, you have to bring something else. I'm talking about the 5 pillars in the The BROKE Method

You only need to understand and use all of these pillars to invest in real estate with no money. But if you not only understand, but master one or more pillars, your path to wealth is greatly accelerated.

To be successful when BROKE, you must learn to have the following:






With this foundation, you can start to skyrocket your investing by knowing how to buy any real estate with no money.  In this course we dig into the 5 pillars, plus over 25 different strategies you can start using to completely invest while BROKE.

The BROKE Method to Real Estate Investing

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Are You Ready To Start Building A Real Estate Portfolio?

What you'll get from this Master Class:
  • Knowledge base of over 25 strategies you can implement to buy real estate with no or low money or how to leverage existing assets you don't want to sell
  • Lifetime access to 20 hours of video courses led by Alan Corey about The BROKE Method
  • Additional 20 hours of interviews with investors utilizing these methods for their own investments

With a simple shift in your mindset around what is needed to invest in real estate, you could start living the life of your dreams.

What You'll Get From This Course...


Start your property treasure hunt

Learn how to hunt down, network with, or negotiate your way into finding Big Deals.

These are deals that investors, partners, and lenders fight over to be your partner and supply their own money.  Take the actionable steps you can take to understand what makes a great Big Deal:

  • Recognize what makes a deal a Big Deal 
  • Where to find Big Deals on and off market
  • Understand where to find the money to fund your Big Deals
  • What to do once if you have a Big Deal under contract

You’ll finish this first pillar with a complete picture of what makes up a Big Deal and how you can be a Big Deal Finder with absolutely no money so you can get started real estate investing today. 


Learn how to attract deals to you

When you are BROKE, you need to counter-balance it with a great reputation. Learn how to set your personal brand up for success so that people start organically calling you with off-market Big Deals. Mastering this will literally have your reputation pull-in amazing leads that your competition can't get. In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Understand what your reputation is today, and how to tweak it to maximize results
  • How to attract investors and partners to you and your deals
  • How to attract home owners to call you first when they want to sell

You’ll finish this second pillar with a reputation building blueprint and a plan to make it a reality that costs no additional money to master.


Fast-track your network

The secret to building wealth without money is to build a powerful network. Even if you are starting from zero contacts in the real estate space, a simple no-cost but continuous check-in with others will connect you to the best lenders, partners, contractors, and investors across America.

Building this skill costs no money, but it attracts all the money you need for investing. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Why ongoing outreach is necessary
  • The goals of a networker and connector within real estate investing
  • The best tax strategies and ideas from some of the top Outgoing Outreach experts in the real estate space
  • Opportunity for ongoing outreach with other course students

You’ll finish this third-pillar with a jump start in a ready-built real estate community supported by a foundation of seasoned investors, lenders, and more to help you on your path to investing in real estate with no money.


Will your way to success

Determination is a powerful weapon. Mastering the ability to not be afraid to take the figurative punches in real estate investing can and will get you very, very far.  Are you able to do no-cost but difficult activities around dealing with contractors, financiers, city permits, tenant relations, smoothing over neighbors and more? If you are open to do the dirty work when it calls for it, you are a treasured asset in any real estate deal.

It doesn't take money to play this role, but it does take effort, sometimes sacrifice, and some real-time classes from The School of Hard Knocks. In this 4th pillar, you’ll learn:

  • The benefit of being the person with the most grit to attract deals
  • Why the no-money guy might have the most grunt work in the biggest deals
  • The best way to be a problem solver to keep deals moving forward

You’ll finish this section with a motivation to step up and always be the person that makes a real estate investment succeed.


Activate your business

Many investors get stuck on the education phase and never make offers, pursue deals, or do any execution on all they've learned.

This is the hardest pillar for many, but you need to be excited about finally executing on some deals! Being energized about making offers, going under contract, going through due diligence, and actually closing on properties is one of the biggest steps to buying when BROKE.  This is where you put all the hard work for the first 4 pillars and apply it to real world scenarios.  No more theoretical ideas and concepts, let's get to investing!

 In this 5th pillar, you’ll learn:

  • Real estate education and preparation is important, but has zero ROI without action
  • How, what, why, where, and when to execute deals that actually lead to you owning real estate
  • Having multiple execution and exit options gives you even more confidence and blueprints in every deal you do

You’ll finish this section with a game plan built on confidence, understanding, and big picture outlook on investing with no money.

You need to take all your skills, hard work, and pillar building and finally take the leap into action and follow-through.  This is where BROKE investors become BROKE investors with property and where your financial transformation starts occurring.

This Master Class Is For You If...

  • You want to invest in real estate today
  • You like the idea of investing in real estate without money
  • You know when broke, you must bring something else to the table
  • You understand a big effort today can have big pay offs in the future
  • You want more time freedom and control of your life

I'm Alan Corey

I bought my first property with $10,000 while living in the projects at the age of 22.

That purchase changed my life and I fell in love with real estate, but I thought I didn't have the funds to pursue it.

However, I found a way to buy a piece of property every year for the next 5 years with other people's money. Eventually, I got to leave my day job so I could go full-time into investing and led to purchasing over $30m of real estate over the next 20 years.

I'm also the author of the real estate investing books "A Million Bucks by 30" and "House FIRE" and now I've created The BROKE Method to continue helping others change their life through real estate investing.

If you want learn more about about me you can follow me on Twitter @RealEstateMaxi or listen to my free podcast "Real Estate Maximalist", where I talk to others about their real estate journey each week.

I'm also a Top 1% real estate agent and lead of the Alan Corey Team in Atlanta with a stable of investment-minded agents always eager to help others grow their portfolio.

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